Knights of the Vine (KOV)

KOV is an International organization with many active chapters around the world. Membership includes professionals in all phases of the wine industry and individuals who appreciate wine and wish to learn more about this wonderful beverage. The Brotherhood offers unique wine programs that are both educational and social for its members… professionals or just lovers of wine. 

As a ‘Master Lady’ and Cellar Master/Executive Sommelier of both the Lake Tahoe Chapter and the Chancellery Chapter in Sacramento, the following seminars have been designed and delivered to the membership (click on the title to view pictures and content):

Wine and Food Pairing – August 2018

Backyard Bordeaux – the 2016 Vintage – August 2019

You Be the Judge – March 2023

Dragonfly Dinner spotlighting the 2001 Chateau Ponet-Canet

Around the World with Pinot Noir

Link to an article I wrote about ‘critics scores’ published in the KOV Arbor Magazine on pages 18-19 of the Winter-Spring 2020 issue:

Link to KOV Arbor Magazine Winter-Spring 20202 issue page 34 which gives details of the Backyard Bordeaux Event – the 2016 Vintage with pictures: