What the heck is the Mencia grape people are talking about?

Tasted wines from Bierzo (Spain), specifically the wines made from the Mencia grape. The selection included wines that were highly rated by the ‘experts’ and the region is being touted as ‘the most exciting up and coming region.’ After the tasting, I cannot help but think that the publications/writers are running out of things to yammer on about.

The wines were full bodied and reminded me of the Petite Sirah varietal which has a similar deep color and bold tannins. While it boasted a bit more acidity than Petite (and had cherry/pomegranate/anise aromas), it also presented a crushed gravel component that made me think of the ash that some cheeses are cave aged in. Didn’t blow my socks off!

It is believed that the first American grown Mencia crop was harvested from Silvaspoons Vineyard, Lodi, in 2017. Stay tuned to see what the future holds for this varietal here in the US.

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